Mont Blanc | Chamonix | France
Mont Blanc | Chamonix | France
What are your preferences or specific requirements? Do you have a well-defined corporate identity or image style that must be strictly adhered to, or would you like assistance in developing one together? Who is your target audience, and what message do you aim to convey? What values does your organization uphold?
These are some of the key points that may be discussed during an initial consultation. Petre Miuta is attentive and adept at aligning his thoughts with yours. It goes without saying that all consultations are conducted with complete confidentiality, and this level of discretion continues throughout the process.

Work review & location scouting
For relatively straightforward jobs, such as one or two editorial portraits, a formal location scouting or work review may not always be necessary. Petre Miuta is adept at making the most out of any situation or location, ensuring a perfect shot even with minimal preparation. In these cases, a detailed briefing via email usually suffices.
However, for more complex assignments, involving multiple elements or a specific vision, a comprehensive location scouting and work review become invaluable. It is beneficial to involve the art director and graphic designer in these sessions to ensure alignment of ideas and, most importantly, to gauge the synergy between everyone involved. This collaborative process involves refining objectives, developing concepts, and strategizing to achieve the desired outcome. This approach not only streamlines planning but also elevates the final results to a higher level of excellence.

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