What are your wishes or requirements? Do you have a corporate identity image style that needs to be followed strictly, or do we need to develop one together? Who is your target audience, and what do you want to communicate? What does your organization stand for, what are its core values? Just a few issues that may get addressed during an intake. Petre Miuta listens attentively and is able to think along the same lines. Needless to say that an intake takes place in complete confidentiality, as is the further process.
Work review & location scouting
For relatively straightforward jobs -like one or two editorial portraits- location scouting or a work review is usually unnecessary. Petre Miuta is accustomed to make do with what he has, and can produce a perfect shot in any situation or location. In those cases a briefing by email is usually more than sufficient. But when an assignments gets more complex, location scouting and/or a work review can prove very useful. Preferably with also the art director and graphic designer, just to find out if we all think along the same lines, and -very important- to see if it clicks. Fine-tuning the desired objectives, developing a concept and deciding how to achieve that. That makes planning more efficient and definitely lifts the final results to a higher level.​​​​​​​

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